Luca Bosani

I work as a private investigator and UPO specialist* for a company named TLSB.

In June 2020, when I started working for Sybil and Tommaso, my life drastically changed: I had to leave my teaching position at City of Westminster College London and put aside my career as an artist to follow up with pressing conundrums and investigations.

I believe I was hired for my great experience with UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects), my insatiable curiosity and my capacity to deconstruct and recombine my identity and gender.

Sometimes I feel that they think I am simply a fool or a weirdo, maybe because they struggle to articulate beyond the binary. However, they seem to trust me greatly as they continue to assign me intricate mysteries to be solved.

Currently, I operate mainly in the UK, Germany and Italy. My primary offices are in London and Pregnana Milanese.

C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow in Piedmont-Lombardy and C0034: The Gargantuan Shoe in London – with its extension C0034-B: The UPO’s Chant – are among the most intricate mysteries I had to face. Despite the countless hours I spent on them, the travels, and the resources invested, I didn’t find a definitive solution. 

I rarely find a final explanation or completion in my work as well as in my personal life. Rather than logical A-to-B processes, I see them as open-ended journeys towards the unknown.

And my TLSB journeys are never solitary; they are collective experiences, plural investigations, and interactive invitations.

* A UPO is an object that rejects categorisation, sits in between definitions, and is equally familiar and uncanny. A UPO can be intended as a metaphor for an ever-changing identity – fluid, queer, slippery – and can also be perceived as an elusive, ghost-like manifestation.

Luca Bosani (he/they  b.1990, Rho, IT) is a gender non-conforming neurodivergent multimedia artist. In the last two years, he developed his identity and personality as TLSB private investigator & UPO specialist. 

Taking the cinematographic stereotype of the private investigator (e.g. Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe), Luca dismantles this hyper-masculine identity to introduce a queer private investigator in drag.

As a private investigator in drag, Luca works for a fictional company (TLSB), compiles regular Reports for them, wears uniforms daily (currently a red outfit), works with talented colleagues (detectives, artists, musicians) and is constantly busy trying to solve intricate conundrums.



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