Luca Bosani

C0034: The Gargantuan Shoe

Statement of facts:

At 10am on 07/10/2020 when the gallery assistant of San Mei Gallery opened the door to begin her shift, they found a gargantuan black ‘shoe’ in the exhibition space.

They couldn’t understand how such a big object entered the gallery space and why it was there. They immediately called the director to advise her about what they had just acknowledged, and while on the call, the strange object started propagating music in the whole room. Since then, the ‘shoe’ kept behaving this way till the present moment.

Investigative hypothesis:

Being familiar with UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects), my first thought was that the object described by the assistant could be one of them. What didn’t convince me was the size of it and the fact that it was regularly emitting pleasant sounds.

Action plan:

On 29/05/2021 I scheduled a visit to the location with CJ Calderwood, a highly qualified colleague from TLSB, and talented saxophonist.

Through their music, I intend to begin a conversation with the gargantuan ‘shoe’. Speaking its language, my intention is to communicate with it, understanding why and how it reached us; hoping that this would not result in an uncontrollable altercation.

see bottom of the page for full Report

2021, Live Investigation (4 hours), San Mei Gallery, London, UK

Project Winner – San Mei Gallery Solo Performance Open Call

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Video documentation (02:45 min)

C0034 Luca Bosani_2
C0034 Luca Bosani_3
C0034 Luca Bosani_4

Fragments of the Report

Handed to the attendees to actively participate in the investigation

C0034_Fragments of Report_Luca Bosani_2
C0034_Fragments of Report_Luca Bosani_3

Young participants busy trying to reconstruct the full investigation Report, as a puzzle, following the paper cuts.

C0034 Report Fragments_Luca Bosani_1

UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects)

2020, UPO (C0034 cornillano) – S, 80’s platform boots, plastics, aluminium, expanded polystyrene, acrylics, studs, 55x60x35cm each. TLSB certified.

C0034 UPOs_Cornillano H_Luca Bosani_TLSB

2020, UPO (C0034 cornillano) – H, 10 galón hat, plastics, aluminium, acrylics, mixed media, 50x30x55cm. TSLB certified.

C0034 UPOs_Krishnasaar) S_Luca Bosani_TLSB

2020, UPO (C0034 krishnasaar) – S, 70’s platform boots, plastics, aluminium, expanded polystyrene, acrylics, studs, 65x35x18cm each. TLSB certified.

C0034 UPOs_Krishnasaar) H_Luca Bosani_TLSB

2020, UPO (C0034 krishnasaar) – H, 10 galón hat, plastics, aluminium, acrylics, mixed media, 50x30x60cm. TSLB certified.

Mini UPOs

C0034 Mini UPOs_01_Luca Bosani
C0034 Mini UPOs_02_Luca Bosani
C0034 Mini UPOs_04_Luca Bosani
C0034 Mini UPOs_03_Luca Bosani

Installation view: San Mei Gallery, London, UK

C0034 Mini UPO_K.O.R. 01_Luca Bosani
C0034 Mini UPOs_Luca Bosani_TLSB

2020, Mini UPOs, Self-hardening clay – epoxy clay, acrylics, varnish, steel pins – steel rings, elastic laces, eco-leather – leather, mixed media, 10-16x4x16 cm each. TLSB certified.


on behalf of TLSB


Supported by San Mei Gallery.

with: CJ Calderwood, Oly Haylett. Photography: Brando Prizzon, TLSB.

special thanks to Kelvin Atmadibrata for transport and installation.