Luca Bosani

C0035: The Golden Cocktail

Statement of facts:

On a spring evening of 1976, three young men from Asiago went missing after attending a dance event at the Riva d’Oro, a discotheque in Revine Lago, Veneto, Italy.

Investigative hypothesis:

Following the encounter with a local fisherman on 12/09/2021, and a woman who was directly involved in that evening of 1976 on 14/09/2021, I started thinking that a golden cocktail might have been the cause of their disappearance. 

After managing to obtain from local authorities the rare pink object, fished earlier by the fisherman, I began suspecting that the three missing individuals might be now hiding in the wild nature of Revine Lago.

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2020-2021, Revine Lago, Veneto, IT

Supported by Ministero della Cultura italiana, BRODO, Piattaforma Lago, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Treviso Arte Ricerca

Photographic evidence

C0035_Photographic evidence

Local fisherman, Lake of Lago

C0035_Photographic evidence_02
C0035_Ninfea Comune

Water lily, Lake of Lago

C0035_Photographic evidence_03
C0035_Svasso Maggiore

Great crested grebe, Lake of Santa Maria

C0035_Photographic evidence_4
Salamandra Pezzata

Fire salamander, Prehistoric forest

UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects)

C0035 UPO (C0035 N1)_Luca Bosani_01
C0035 UPO (C0035 N1)_Luca Bosani_01
UPO (C0035 N1) _Luca Bosani_03_xx

2021, UPO (C0035 N1), 2020, 70’s platform boots, moss, plastics, aluminium, acrylics, 27x50x15cm each. TLSB certified.


on behalf of TLSB


Map of movements

C0035_Map movements_Luca Bosani_TLSB

Curated by Anna Marion & Andrea Rossato, as part of SSSCH Festival, project winner of Borghi in Festival by Ministero della Cultura Italiana.

with: Moreno Corà, Federico Esposito, Doriano Todero. Photography: Andrea Rossato, Luca Pradella, Brando Prizzon, TLSB.