Luca Bosani

C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow

Statement of facts:

While I was compiling Report C0036-B as an important extension of C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow my typewriting machine stopped working.

On-site I couldn’t continue my writing work and I consequently focussed all my energies on key activities in person in Turin.

Immediate action plan:

What I can share with you is the photographic documentation – accompanied by investigative notes – of what happened in Turin’s TLSB prison and in my adjacent temporary office on 05/11/2022 between 6.30 and 11 pm.

I attached to this page the initial C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow Report which I compiled on 10/12/2020.

This is a useful tool for a better understanding of this layered conundrum.

see bottom of the page for full Report

2022, Live Investigation (4 hours 30 minutes), Osservatorio Futura, Turin, IT

The suspects of overturning the rainbow on 21/11/2020 (between Saronno and Paderno Dugnano) and of planning further comparable crimes on a larger scale (Settimo Milanese-Settimo Torinese) were arrested and imprisoned in a TLSB high-security prison in Turin on 02/11/2022.

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Video Documentation (01:06 min)

The unidentified creatures utilise a complex non-human language to communicate with each other. Throughout the investigation, I have been able to decipher and learn about 30% of this language. The tongue seems to have Licciardian antique origins.

Troubled attempts of verbally and sonically communicating with the suspects.

Collective Investigation

On rotation, attendees were invited to the TLSB prison and office premises to actively participate in the investigation

Inside the office was available to view a selection of notable UPOs and Reports on behalf of TLSB.

Attendee investigating while wearing UPO (C0037 A Gleam in the Fog).

UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects)

C0036_UPO Settimo Milanese_Luca Bosani

2020, UPO (C0036 U2), 2000’s men’s shoes, plastics, aluminium, expanded polystyrene, acrylics, 110x140x15cm each. TLSB certified.

next to Battista Re football ground, Settimo Milanese, Lombardy, IT

C0036_UPO Settimo Torinese_Luca Bosani

2020, UPO (C0036 U1), 70’s platform boots, plastics, aluminium, expanded polystyrene, acrylics, 25x140x15cm each. TLSB certified.

Parco Castelverde, Settimo Torinese, Piedmont, IT

Extract from the initial Report (10/12/2020)

Statement of facts:

On the morning of 30/09/2020, something very unusual happened between Saronno and Paderno Dugnano: an upside-down rainbow appeared in the sky of Lombardy. But the strangeness does not end here. On 21/11/2020, a pair of large rainbow-coloured objects were found in Settimo Milanese, near Battista Re football ground. 

Investigation update:

After a few days with no progress, on 25/11/2020 another pair of large, multicoloured objects were found in Settimo Torinese Castelverde Park.

Investigative hypothesis:

118 km separate these objects from the ones found earlier in Settimo Milanese. 13.4 km separate Saranno from Paderno Dugnano. Where does a rainbow begin and where does it end? 13.4 km seems a very short distance to me, but 118 km seems far too long. 

But above all, who and how could have overturned the rainbow?

Report conclusion:

I am quite sure that the nature and position of the found UPOs demonstrate that someone or something, after having overturned the rainbow between Saronno and Paderno Dugnano (13.4 km), was about to overturn another rainbow of much greater extension between Settimo Milanese and Settimo Torinese (118 km) but that fortunately or unfortunately it was interrupted, forcing them to flee.

see bottom of the page for full Report

Photographic evidence (2020)

C0036_Il Notiziario 1_Luca Bosani
C0036_Legnano News_Luca Bosani
C0036_La Repubblica_Luca Bosani copy

Source links:

Il Notiziario  30/09/2020

La Repubblica  30/09/2020

LegnanoNews  02/10/2020


on behalf TLSB


Supported by R&P Contemporay Art and Arts Council England.

Curated by Federico Palumbo and Francesca Disconzi, as part of Artissima Week, Turin 2022.

with: Armuz (Luca Cilli) & Dref (Federico Esposito). Photography: Davide D’Ambra.