Luca Bosani

C0039: The Three Jars

C0039_Luca Bosani_01

Statement of facts:

This time is my turn. The strangeness is inside and outside me, it grows and develops day after day, infecting those around me.

Black, thick hair. And yellow, dense hair; they now covered my body. I noticed them for the first time on the 20th August 2021, the day of my 31st birthday. And yes, I was transforming; not into a Man as I had initially thought, but into something else. The beard also started to grow much, much faster, and my lips seemed to become gradually darker, like purple. 

The eyelashes were one of the last parts of my body to mutate; since 29/08/2021 they have been huge, unmanageable. Sleep has become difficult, almost impossible, because these large extensions keep my eyes half open.

Investigative hypothesis:

As you can well understand, in this occasion I have lost all my investigative faculties because I am too personally involved in the anomaly. I therefore leave to you the difficult task of trying to solve this intricate conundrum.

Report conclusion:

Sometimes questions are better than answers.

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2021, Live Investigation (25 mins), in four parts, two sessions,  Quartier Am Hafen, Cologne, GER

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C0039_Luca Bosani_04

Fragments of the Report

Handed to the attendees to continue the investigation

C0039_Fragments of Report_Luca Bosani

UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects)

C0039 UPOs_Luca Bosani_04
C0039 UPOs_Luca Bosani_02
C0039 UPOs_Luca Bosani_01

2021, UPOs (B36, B41, B43), Tip Tap shoes, plastics, brass, studs, acrylics on lacquered wood, 24-29x15x15cm each. TLSB certified.

Installation view: Quartier Am Hafen, Cologne, GER

C0039 UPOs_Luca Bosani_03

Live score

In four parts, tools to develop movements and interactions for the live performance

C0039_Performance drawings 01_Luca Bosani
C0039_Performance drawings_Luca Bosani
C0039_Performance drawings 1-2_Luca Bosani x

2021, 1. Initial Development, 2. The Waggle Dance, Honey, markers, pen and pencil on paper inside two acrylic sheets, sealed with gold flexeine, 40x40cm each.

C0039_Performance drawings 3-4_Luca Bosani x

2021, 3. Foraging Phase, 4. The Hive, Honey, markers, pen and pencil on paper inside two acrylic sheets, sealed with gold flexeine, 40x40cm each.

The three Jars

C0039_The Three Jars_Luca Bosani

2021, Hidden in a corner of the gallery space, covered with wrapped fragments of the Report. Glass, metal, rubber, containing chestnut and acacia honey.

Joseph Beuys_Honigpumpe am Arbeitsplatz_1977

“What was important to him were three small honey pots that he placed in a corner on the floor of the Fridericianum (three small clay pots, in the back corner) and the discussions (thinking = honey).”  Michael Stockhausen about Joseph Beuys, Honigpumpe am Arbeitsplatz, 1977.


on behalf of TLSB


Supported by Quartier Am Hafen.

Curated by BÜRO for curatorial care and collective experiment: Wilko Austermann, Lisa Bensel, Anne Mager, Linda Nadji, Jari Ortwig, Michael Stockhausen.

with: Harrison Cane, Bettina Nampé. Photography: Wilko Austermann, Linda Nadji, TLSB.