Luca Bosani

C0041: Time's Up

Statement of facts:

On 02/10/2020 I handed my resignation letter to the City of Westminster College and left my teaching career in the arts to fully dedicate myself to pressing conundrums and investigations.

Over the course of the years as TLSB Private Investigator, I was confronted by a number of puzzling UPO apparitions and mysterious occurrences.

But like UHT milk has an expiry date, I feel that now might be the time to move on and look for another job.

I haven’t communicated yet my decision to Sybil and Tommaso because I am still unsure about future plans and opportunities.

Therefore I please ask you to maintain maximum secrecy about the matter.

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2023, Live Investigation (1 investigator(s), 4 hours over 2 days), VSSL Studio, London, UK

Day 1

The apparition of a restless queer figure interrupts the regular unfolding of the investigation, highlighting the plurality and fluid nature of the investigator’s identity.

Day 2

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Video documentation (1:20 min)

Duet: investigator on the saxophone, unknown queer figure electric razor and microphone.


on behalf TLSB


Supported by Arts Council England.

Curated by Benjamin Sebastian.

with: CJ Calderwood, Gianna T, Dino Desica. Photography: Klara Fokicheva, Elena Romero Laguna.