Luca Bosani

C0043: Clay

Investigative hypothesis:

According to my detailed research, Clay is an obscure and murky subject, who has been tormenting us since 23/07/2023, when they were spotted at Matlock Derwent Bridge.

They seem to be everywhere. Where rocks are in contact with water, air or steam; in my office, inside kilns, in museums, in the basement of 4 Broad Street. You name it, you find them.

Action plan:

I scheduled the public interrogation for 07/10/2023 between 2 and 4 pm. I will reach Stoke-on-Trent the same morning to transfer Clay  inside a double public-facing window where Broad Street meets Bethesda Street.

I will then proceed on a full examination going through Clay’s seven major charges. I currently cannot predict the outcome of this delicate process. Whether guilty or not guilty, I must understand Clay’s intentions and motives.

see bottom of the page for full Report

2023, Live Investigation (2 hours), AirSpace Gallery, London, UK


on behalf of TLSB


As part of the British Ceramic Biennial 2023, project winner of Social Substance open call by AirSpace Gallery.

Curated by Glen Stoker. Photography: Glen Stoker, Rose Leahy.